Everybody is unique. Every BODY is unique. This includes how each of us experiences pain, soreness and tiredness as well as touch, pain relief and rejuvenation. So getting a massage shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all experience.

At RENEW You Massage Studio, we want everyone to feel better. We’re especially focused on:

  • Athletes - who want to maintain peak performance

  • Those with injuries - who need to heal

  • People recovering from surgery - who want to return to full health

All 3 groups rely on flexibility and reduction in pain and soreness to reach their goals.


Meet Karrie, owner of RENEW You and massage therapist for 12 years. Her personal experience with back pain has given her insight into what her clients are experiencing, especially those recovering from injury or surgery. In addition, she’s a great listener and understands pain patterns. She knows how the fascia, the body’s connective tissue, reacts to therapies including massage and stretch. Karrie knows just what you need, and where and how to work for immediate AND longer lasting results. With Karrie, you get precision. And with precision, you get results.


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