“She is SO talented! I would recommend over and over.”
Lori D. August 2019

“I found Karrie last year through the Crim Training Program. Karrie, as a Crim Training Sponsor, provided vouchers for massage and FST. I had been working through a back issue for quite some time so I decided to use my voucher and give Karrie a try, and I’ve been completely satisfied ever since! Not only has Karrie helped alleviate much of my back pain with massage and FST, which has allowed me to keep running, she also helped me with severe plantar fasciitis that I developed during my marathon training this past winter. If you are in need of an attentive and professional massage therapist call Karrie! I’m so glad I did!”

Rene M. June 2019

“The care and attention I have received in my sessions have provided me both relief from tight, tired and sore muscles but also the Fascial Stretching has significantly improved my running and recovery.  The massages have been deep tissue and leave me refreshed and relaxed, it seems I can feel myself healing and strengthening. The stretching has shown me where I’m tight and most in need of attention and by working those tendons, muscles and all, it truly has improved my overall flexibility and not surprisingly my running.  Re-qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 4 minutes this year has been my reward for paying attention to my body and I do owe much of it to my sessions with Karrie...thank you!”

Gerry M. March 2019

“Karrie is the best massage therapist I have met. Her knowledge and experience have helped me get through a back surgery and other health issues. I’ve been receiving massage therapy for over 15 years now and can honestly recommend Karrie to anyone in need. She is very kind and compassionate about her patients and their comfort and well-being. She’s the best!!!”

Matt C. February 2019

“I have been to many massage therapists over the years with lower back and hip pain.  I really appreciate that Karrie really listens to you and addresses the issue. With hip and lower back pain usually therapists give it a quick rub and move on, but Karrie focuses on the problem areas, using techniques that provide deep tissue relief.  I always leave her sessions feeling looser and the feeling lasts for so much longer than any other massage I have had.“

Michelle M. June 2018

”Due to serious leg injuries I received from a bicycle accident my doctor prescribed lymphatic massage. A friend highly recommended Karrie to me. After a month of seeing Karrie weekly my doctor said ‘Karrie’s massages are miraculously healing your completely bruised and swollen leg much faster than I anticipated’. After my healing is complete I will continue to see Karrie on a monthly basis. She is very knowledgeable about the body and performs massages that help heal any pain or problem that you may be having. My doctor and I highly recommend Karrie!”

Pat S. April 2017